Study ‘must’ for listing groups as ethnic

Himalayan News Service

Lalitpur, January 16:

Leaders of indigenous groups today demanded a thorough study on all indigenous groups, in order to preserve their culture, language and tradition. During an interaction on ‘Base of Listing Ethnic Groups’ organised jointly by five different Kirat groups today, president of Nepal Janajati Mukti Andolan, Sitaram Tamang, said the aim of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities is to study and bring indigenous communities to the fore.

“Only a study can determine which communities need to be listed,” he said. Presenting a concept paper, Chandra Singh Kulung, advisor to the Association of Kirat Kulung Language and Cultural Development, reiterated the need to recognise the 22 Kirat groups as separate ethnic groups rather than keep them within the broad category of Kirat.