Study to construct flyovers under way


A study is being conducted for construction of flyovers at three places in Kathmandu valley.

The Department of Roads stated that the consultant company had been conducting study for construction of the flyovers at Gwarko, Satdobato and Ekantakuna in Lalitpur. Director General of the Department, Keshab Kumar Sharma said the consultant company had presented the interim progress of the study report.

According to Sharma, work to prepare the detailed design for construction of flyovers at these places is under way. He added that the bids for contract for construction of the structures could be opened this year.

“We can go for contract for construction of the flyover at least at one place this year. Construction work of the flyover will begin at Gwarko this year and at Satdobato and Ekantakuna in the next fiscal,” he said.

There is a plan to construct flyovers at the crossroads on the Ring Road expanded by the Chinese government two years ago.

The Department of Roads itself had constructed overhead bridges at Satdobato and Ekantakuna.

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