Subedi accuses media of targeting Maoists

Lalitpur, November 24:

A central committee member of the CPN-Maoist Jhakku Prasad Subedi said today that people working in the communication, media and technology sectors are the most important manpower among the workers.

“The capitalists have been using the media and newer technologies the most,” he said, adding that the workers should know all about the media and latest technologies.

Subedi, who is also secretary of the Newa Rajya Samiti of the party, said that his party has been targeted by the media.

“Let the press of the capitalists be closed; workers should fight for their rights,” he said addressing the “Picnic and Political Training Programme” organised by the All Nepal Communication, Printing and Publication Workers’ Union (ANCPPWU).

Talking about Nepal’s politics, he said foreign powers have been trying to split up Nepali politicians.

“If the government failed to immediately fix the date for Constituent Assembly elections, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala will lose the right to lead the government,” he said.

Subedi said his party will wage a struggle if the government fails to implement the proposals passed by the parliament within few days. Subedi said the Maoists will not lay down arms unless they achieve their goals.

President of the All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) Shalikram Jammakattel said that activities of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists were against the interests of the workers. The Federation of Nepalese Journalist is merely an Non Governmental Organisation and it has been serving the owners of the media houses instead of journalists, Jammakattel claimed.

“Press freedom comes only after the rights of the workers are secured,” he said, adding, “What happens to the rights of workers when they are forbidden from fighting for their rights.”

He said the workers should continue their planned political strategies even if there is stiff opposition.

All Nepal Trade Union Federation vice-president Badri Bajgain said the gathering was organised to launch a struggle for the rights of the workers.

New ANCPPWU committees

KATHMANDU: The ANCPPWU formed its Kathmandu and Lalitpur district committees amidst a function at Godavari on Saturday.

The Kathmandu district committee is headed by Badri Pokhrel. Harendra Tamang, Arjun Gautam, Bhola Joshi and Sunam Shrestha are vice-president, secretary, joint-secretary and treasurer of the 21-member Kathmandu district committee. Man Bahadur Tamang, Bishnu Khanal, Bishal Bhattarai, Chandra Ghimire, Durga Prasad Neupane, Narayan Prasad Pahadi, Rudra Prasad Poudel, Surendra Dhimal, Durga Tamang, Badri Pande, Krishna Sapkota, Jyotikhar Nepal, Vaidehi Satyal, Ganesh Adhikary, Ram Prasad Bhatta and Dinesh Dahal are committee members.

The Lalitpur district committee, headed by Ramesh Khatri, has Chhabiraman Acharya as its vice-president, Chandra Shekhar Adhikary as secretary, Prakash Thapa as joint-secretary and Sanoj Thapa as treasurer. Lok Bahadur Kshetri, Dipak Kumar Bista, Mohan Kaji Shrestha, Narayan Karki, Bhularam Rana Magar, Narayan Khadka, Dharma Maharjan and Khadananda Pokhrel are members of the Lalitpur district committee. — HNS