Subisu CAN Info-Tech 2018 attracts thousands

KATHMANDU: The ongoing 24th CAN InfoTech 2018 — which is being held in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu and conducted by Computer Association Nepal — is attracting thousands of customers to observe the exhibition and utilise the services provided therein.

The ongoing exhibition is engaging customers through various offers such as free installation, free services, and discounts, among others.

On the first day of the programme, a total of 32,181 people visited the fair while on the second day as many as 42,826 people attended the fair.

Visitors are especially seen crowding the stalls of internet service providing companies, stalls displaying smart phones, tablets, laptops/computers and computer accessories, digital TV, software, CCTV cameras, among others.

Likewise, stalls put up by IT colleges and training institutes are also crowded by the visitors of the exhibition. The visitors are mostly seen attracted towards combination offers provided by internet and digital TV service providers.

Under the Subisu combination offer, the customer will get two months premium package of 15 and 8 Mbps unlimited internet services; the 15 Mbps internet service will run from 1:00 am to 5:00 pm with unlimited download package – this has greatly attracted the customers.

Likewise, Motorola that is famous for its android devices exhibited its E4 and 4 Plus smart phones, which will be affordable to the customers. The phones, with 5,000 mAh battery, are also suitable for gaming. The company is also providing discounts and various kinds of offers.

In the exhibition, Huawei has exhibited its new model of Matebook Laptops – ranging from 150,000 to 170,000 – have attracted a lot of customers in the fair.

Similarly, other companies like Xiaomi, Technos, Netis are also exhibiting their products and services.

The official banking partner of the exhibition Sunrise Bank has offered cash back up to 400 per cent if the visitors open their account with Sunrise bank during the duration of the exhibition.

Curiosity of the visitors have piqued in software specifically designed for persons with vision impairment, 3D printing developed by robotics association, GPS tracking system, various projects developed by the students of universities and various IT colleges.

As many as 222 stalls are exhibited in the fair displaying hardware, software and services of various IT related companies and educational institutions among others.

January 28 has been declared as Business Day. On this day business houses for the promotion of their businesses can carry out business deals directly with various dealers and vendors. The organisers have given 20 per cent discount on online tickets to promote the use of information technology.

The entrance fee for the visitors is NRs 100 while students are charged NRs 50. The CAN InfoTech 2018 will last till January 30.