Subsidy for alternative energy projects soon

Kathmandu, September 25 :

The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) of the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MoEST) today organised a daylong workshop on operating modalities of Community Energy Service Providers Approach.

During the session, Mangal Das Manandhar, national project director of the Renewable Energy Project, presented an overview and modality of the Renewable Energy Project (REP). According to him, community energy service providers will be selected from the existing community organisations. They will be provided with 100 per cent subsidy for photo voltaic (PV) and thermal equipment, ranging from computer operation, vaccine refrigeration, battery recharging, water pumping, portable lanterns, communication and mills.

“We basically help in capacity building, financial management business planning, operation as well as maintenance,” he said. The project aims to run the programme in 24 districts and 14 district have been identified so far.

Speaking at the programme, Bal Krishna Prasai, secretary of the MoEST, said the project would help fill the digital gap between urban and rural areas. “The project will

help people living in remote districts gain access to modern facilities,” he said. He also admired the EU support for the country’s development efforts.

The REP is hugely funded by the European Union. Out of the estimated budget of 15.675 million Euro (Rs 133,23,75,000), the EC has contributed 15 million Euro (Rs 1,27,50,00,000).