STIDH yet to start ICU service, lacks manpower

Kathmandu, November 24

Intensive Care Unit at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital has yet to start operation. The hospital was set to begin its intensive medical services in October.

Despite the availability of infrastructures necessary for intensive care services, the hospital lacks skilled manpower to run the service.

“Doctors and staff nurses should be well-trained to take care of patients admitted to intensive care unit. We have requested the Ministry of Health and Department of Health Services to train our staff for intensive care services,” said Dr Manisha Rawal, director of the hospital.

“I have recently joined the hospital after former director Dr Ramesh Kumar Kharel was transferred. We are holding discussion on the issue and we will start the services as soon as our staff are trained,” Dr Rawal added.

STIDH was ready to start four-bed ICU inside the hospital. The ICU would provide intensive medical treatment for critical patients.

The ICU is equipped with two ventilators with central supply of oxygen. The ICU also has the facility of arterial blood gas and the beds are equipped with alternating pressure mattress for greater comfort and enhanced circulation. These medical air mattresses are helpful for preventing/treating serious ailments related to extended bed rest.

Patients suffering from infectious diseases such as tetanus, rabies, retro virus, HIV among others will be benefited from the service.

Due to lack of intensive care services at the hospital, critically ailing patients and their relatives are compelled to visit private health care facilities, where they have to pay exorbitant charges. Hundreds of patients visit the hospital every day as it is the only national referral centre for infectious and tropical diseases.