Taleju Jatra begins in Bhaktapur

BHAKTAPUR: The Taleju and Kumari Jatra of Bhaktapur has started today by worshipping the Kumari (the living goddess) in the Kumarighar on Tuesday morning.

Entry of Ekantakumari Jenisha Shakya into the Kumarighar marks the beginning of Kumari and Taleju Jatra in Bhaktapur.

As per the tradition, Kumari Ekantakumari Jenisha Shakya was brought to the Kumarighar at Bhaktapur Municipality-3 by performing religious practices and worships from the priests.

Eleven Ganakumaris of Tibkchhe were taken to the Taleju Temple today itself and were worshipped. Animals were sacrificed and other rituals were also performed on the occasion of Kumari Jatra.