Team probing girl’s ‘suicide’ visits school

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 21:

A joint investigation team formed to probe the “suicide” of Nibha Atreya at the hostel of the Merryland Public Higher Secondary School today went to the school and collected information about the incident. The committee, which comprises representatives of the Child Workers in Nepal Concern Centre (CWIN), Centre for Victims of Torture, Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights, Capcorn and Educational Journalists’ Group, gathered information from three students who were reportedly beaten up along with Nibha by a teacher and class captain with whom Atreya was said to have fought. Fifteen-year-old Atreya was said to have taken poison in her hostel room after vice-principal beat her up in his office room accusing her of quarrelling with the class captain. “We are still very confused how poison was available in the hostel,” a participant of the team told this daily.“ “We are also shocked to know that she took poison inside the hostel,” said founder principal of the school Ramnath Mainali.