#ThankYouKulman trends on social media as NEA MD Kulman Ghising retires

KATHMANDU: Many netizens took to social media today to extend gratitude to now-retired Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising, thus giving rise to the #ThankYouKulman trend.

Ghising reached the end of his four-year tenure as the MD of the electricity authority yesterday.

The former head of the NEA is regarded highly by the Nepali people as he is considered to have brought the age-old load-shedding problem to an end with his efficient management.

People were keenly expecting re-appointment of Ghising as he had proved himself during his term, a subject which also made way to the Monday cabinet meeting but no decision was taken to this effect.

The NEA was at a loss of nearly Rs 34 billion which after Kulman Ghising's appointment by the then Pushpa Kamal Dahal government, became successful in amassing around Rs 11 billion in profit.

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