The true essence of Dharma

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man — Mahatma Gandhi

We all know that the history of human civilisation is an epic saga of violence punctuated by episodes of relative calm. Today we all are living in a world where violence has become our

culture. It may be seen in the hundreds of wars going on in different parts of the world or it may be seen through innumerable violent incidents that occur everyday in cities and homes across the universe.

But what has led to the spread of violence so much even though humanity strongly denounces it? One of the major reasons is that we condone or even justify violence.

It is a known fact that today violence has become the means to seek political and social justice. Men kill men in the name of Almighty, and later on these killings are justified as the things done for righteous purpose. But can we stand and justify such gruesome violence in a civilised society? Or can violence ever root out adharma (unrighteousness)?

In order to conquer adharma, we need to first understand the true dharma of the self. We all must realise that good or evil are in fact the traits of the human soul. Hence, one may kill an evil person but one cannot destroy the evil in that person.

However, remember that an evil act is bound to be punished as per the law of karma because there is a natural justice system that works infallibly. Hence, one must never think that if someone avenges a wrong by doing wrong in turn, s/he will not suffer. The truth is — both the persons will have to pay for their respective wrong actions by undergoing some suffering, because any act done with ill will towards others is violence and it is bound to bring sorrow for the doer.

Therefore, a person may escape the laws of the land but his karma will catch up with him sooner or later for sure.

Dharma in the true sense simply means living by the eternal spiritual values such as peace and love. When we share love and goodwill with others, it is bound to stir up similar feelings in that person. On the contrary when we hate and harm others, it is bound to spark off ill will in them.

We shouldn’t forget that we are all children of Almighty — the ocean of love, peace and joy. When He is always merciful and benevolent towards all, then how can He justify violence?

Therefore one should be very clear on this issue that wars and calamities are not the curse of Almighty, but the results of our own actions and wrong doings. Hence the only way to bring peace and harmony back on earth is to empower ourselves spiritually and rid our minds of

all negativities.