Their take on the national anthem

The lyrics are good and the man who composed the music is also a renowned musician.

Deepak Kumar Pradhan — Shopkeeper

• The music is very pleasing. Better than the last national anthem in terms of both lyrics and music.

Bishnu Gaire — Journalist

• The lyrics are touching, so is the music. I liked them very much as they fit the current scenario.

Prem Bahadur Thapamagar

— Taxi driver

• Exactly what I had expected. The music and the lyrics are soothing and complement each other well.

Gita Joshi — Student

• The national anthem talks of people from all walks of life. It has made no discrimination of any sort. The previous national anthem was King-centric, but this one touches every citizen’s heart.

Yamuna Sangroula — Housewife

• It is very melodious and brings out a true Nepali citizen’s feelings. However, I wish it were a bit longer as it ends in no time.

Punam Patkar — Student