Three hospitals to be designated for corona patients, says Dhakal

Kathmandu, March 15

Minister of Health and Population Bhanubhakta Dhakal today said three hospitals would be dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Speaking on contemporary issues at the National Assembly Minister Dhakal said the government has been working to manage 235 ICU beds all across the country, with 120 beds in Kathmandu valley.

Ministry of Health and Population is yet to decide on the hospitals to treat coronavirus patients, according to Dr Bikash Devkota, spokesperson at the ministry.

According to the health minister the government has arranged 155 isolation beds at hospitals in Kathmandu. Three hospitals will be designated for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Kathmandu valley.

“Patients suffering from coronavirus will get priority. Three hospitals will be designated to treat COVID-19 patients,” said Minister Dhakal.

The government has also planned to mobilise medical college students, Red Cross and scout volunteers in case of emergency. “We are also making arrangements for required medicine and medical equipment,” he said.

The minister also directed chief district officers and staffers especially working in the health sector not to leave their respective districts.

“Provinces sharing border with neighbouring countries should be more careful. Of total 129 entry points, health desks have been established at 43 entry points only,” he said.

Minister Dhakal said there was no need to halt public transportation service for the time being as no other COV- ID-19 cases had been detected yet after the first case in January.

“Discussions are on to close schools, cinema halls and public transportation service.

Necessary steps will be taken as per the need and situation,” said Dhakal.

Komal Oli, a National Assembly member inquired about the situation of medicine supply in the market as India imposed restriction on the export of 26 types of raw materials for drugs and also the drugs manufactured from them. Minister Dhakal responded by saying that the government was working on a list of required drugs to be imported and that the government of India had assured of drug supply.

Briefing about preparations outside Kathmandu, Minister Dhakal said necessary investment will be made in two hospitals of each province for the treatment of coronavirus patients. “We are not sure where the outbreak will take place. Therefore, we need be prepared well to combat the disease,” he added.