Kathmandu, April 6:

The National Planning Commission (NPC) is formulating a three-year interim plan, an NPC member said today. According to him, economic reconstruction, rehabilitation and economic revitalisation are the main agendas of the plan.

The three-year plan will be implemented after the completion of the 10th five-year plan. Addressing a daylong workshop on Possibilities and Challenges of Rural Development Studies in Tribhuvan University (TU), Hem Prasad Neupaney, an NPC member, said the three-year plan will focus on rural development.

The Rural Development Students’ Society, TU, organised the workshop.

He said, “We are instituting a basket fund in which funds provided by national and international donors will be collected. We will spend Rs 65 billion for rural development from the fund.”

He said that the NPC will launch a number of small projects at the community level. “These programmes will help increase the employment rate,” he said, adding, “During the three-year plan, we will launch some mega projects to revive economy.”

Chief of the Ratna Rajya Campus, Sunil Kumar Poudel, called on the government to ensure that students of Rural Development (RD) get jobs. “Guaranteed jobs will encourage more and more students to study the RD,” he said, adding, “The syllabus of the RD should be changed in line with time. The subject should be focused on rural context.”