THT lensman wants action against INSEC, COCAP

Kathmandu, May 29:

Rajendra Manandhar, a photo journalist with The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post, today filed a complaint at District Police Office, Hanumandhoka, against Informal Sector

Service Centre (INSEC) and the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP), blaming the two bodies of using his photographs without his consent.

Manandhar has also demanded compensations while calling for action against the violators of the copyright act. INSEC and COCAP have been using Manandhar’s photographs in their pamphlets and newsletters without any acknowledgement of its rightful owner.

“I had availed an INSEC official with some photographs for his personal collection, but they are now using my snaps as if they were their property,” Manandhar complained.