THT Watch

Bhaktapur, November 6:

Haphazardly spiralled and low-lying wires over the road on Lokanthali-Sanothimi section have put the locals of Lokanthali in constant fear of electric short-circuits and damage to the

lives and property of the locals.

The unmanaged electric wires are spread over 300-metre road for months. Cable TV Networks and Nepal Telecom have also been using the poles of Nepal Electricity Authority thereby making the wire connections a mess.

The wires are hanged so low that sometimes vehicles passing through the road drag them off.

Telephone users and cable TV customers are also suffering as the connections get cut off frequently when the vehicles drag the wires.

Locals said that a heavy truck once dragged all the wires. All the wires were cut off and the locals forced the driver to pay for it.

Rajkumar Hekka, a grocer that lies just near an electric pole messed up with wires, said there were sparks coming out from the wires a few months ago.

He said, “We were really worried when we saw the sparks. Living near this pole has become a risky affair as it can burst anytime.”

According to him, locals complained the NEA immediately when there were sparks and the

officers immediately arrived at the spot but did not solve the problem permanently.

Who is responsible?

First, we have not received any written complaint, which is a must to start maintenance work in any place, till now. Similarly, the NEA also lacks budget, which is one of the reasons for the delay in the maintenance. Sometimes the centre does not have enough equipment to sort out the problem. The NEA will start the process of maintenance as soon as it receives written complaint from the locals.