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What is broken?

Kathmandu, September 25:

Heavy vehicular movement and frequent traffic jams are not new for Kalanki, the main exit and entry point to Kathmandu valley. Small and congested road and massive traffic here force people to wait for hours before the road they can move.

The scenario is worse during the mornings and evenings. Chanda Tamrakar, a local said: “Children have to set off for schools early in the mornings and office-goers have to drive for office with a margin of an hour everyday. Much of our time is wasted in an unproductive work like commution and during emergency it is very difficult to reach destination on time.”

Thousands of vehicles, both big and small, long-route and short-route, cargo carriers and passenger vehicles, ply on the two-lane road at Kalanki.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police (MTP) always faces a hard time to manage the immense traffic there.

Bhisma Prasai, chief of the MTP said small and congested road has created traffic management problem. “No matter how hard we work, we will not be able to manage the situation if roads are not improved upon and additional infrastructure readied,” he said, adding, “Plenty of small and big vehicles like trucks and buses enter the valley from the route alike and to add to the woes local passenger carriers, including mini-buses, micro-buses and three-wheelers, are parked randomly on the roadside.”

He said the only way to manage traffic was by expanding the road, making it a one-way route, identifying an alternative route and constructing at least one overhead bridge.

Who is looking into it?

Keeping in view the severe traffic jam in the area, we are expanding the road, making it four-laned stretch soon.

We have started constructing sewer lines, shifting utilities like electric poles and relocating underground water pipes from Soltee Mode to Kalanki chowk. We will also widen the stretch from Kalanki to Nag Dhunga as well. The management of the Kalanki intersection is our priority. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has set up a different office to expand the road. Most probably we will initiate the work next week.

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—Tulasi Sitaula, Director General, Department of Roads