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Kathmandu, August 26 :

What’s fixed

Maitidevi folks have been relieved of the traffic jam at the Maitidevi intersection after the local users committee, in collaboration with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), completed the construction of drainage system.

Until two weeks back, the residents were suffering from regular traffic jams and pollution associated with it as the road was dug up to lay drainage pipes.

The initiative taken by the Mahakabi Marga Tol Sudhar Samiti finally succeeded to end the problem of water-logging in the area.

Now, the public living in this area have got rid of drainage problems as well as traffic jam since the users committee and KMC have already filled road, though they are yet to black top the road due to rainy season.

Diya Bhattarai, a resident of Maitidevi, said, “The completion of the work on laying the drainage pipes has not only ended the water logging problem but also the traffic jams.”

Ramesh Lama, a microbus driver said that they are feeling easier to drive in the area.

“The road looks widened after the completion of the construction work and traffic jams are not a frequent problem here now,” Lama said.

Who’s responsible

We have recently laid the hume pipes under the road for efficient drainage system. This has relieved the locals from water logging problem as well as traffic congestion in the area. Due to daily rainfall, the workers are not being able to blacktop the road though.

Mohammad Wasi, president, Mahakabi Tol Sudhar Samiti