Tht watch : What’s broken

Kathmandu, June 3:

Though the blacktopped stretch on Tahachal Bagaichha Marg was dug to repair drainage system a few months ago, the road has not been repaired yet.

Road division says work for blacktopping the road would start in November. Pedestrians are having a hard time due to the dust kicked up by vehicles. A local resident, Sita Dakhal, said that though there was an alternative route, she didn’t use it as it takes more time.

Parents of students in Bernhardt School that lies beside the stretch say the dust kicked up by the vehicles had adverse effect on children’s health.

“We are planning to gravel the road in August. And work to blacktop the road will begin in November,” said Bhairav Bogati, head of the road division. He added that the road was dug for the maintenance of drainage system.

Who is responsible:

We have dug the road under a project of the Road Board. The Road Board provides around Rs 12 lakhs per km for the maintenance of the road only but doesn’t give any money for blacktopping. We already have floated a tender to repair the road. We are committed

to blacktop the road in this fiscal year.