Tht Watch : What’s fixed?

Kathmandu, October 2:

Locals in Jadibuti and the Narephant area were rid of irregular power cut-off during the peak hours after the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) installed a new transformer to balance the power load.

Due to overload in the existing transformer, one 200 KVA transformer at Jadibuti Chowk and another 100 KVA at Narephante, the locals had to bear difficulties every night from 6 pm to 9 pm as the transformer used to stop functioning.

The consumers were fed up with the low voltage as they could not run their electrical appliances like television, rice cooker, tube lights.

Engineer Rajendra Kumar Chaudhary at the NEA ‘No Light and Maintenance Section’ in Old Baneshwor, said: “The demand of power has increased in the area due to the increase in population”, adding: “A large distance between the destination and the supply station also resulted in low power voltage.”

Chaudhary further said: “We have installed a new 100 KVA transformer from our internal resources and balanced the overload of the two transformer into three transformers to end the problem of consumers there.” “We fixed the old and loose jumpers in various places tightly from where the supply lines were being connected,” he added.

He said: “Now, we have solved the problems of transformer trip, voltage drop, load centre and technical line loss,” adding: “Around 175 consumers have been directly benefitted and around 350 have been indirectly benefitted after the maintenace.”