Torrential rain forecast for three days

Kathmandu, August 11

The Meteorological Forecasting Division has forecast torrential rain for three days. Light to moderate rainfall is likely at many places of the country with chances of heavy rainfall at a few places in the western, eastern and central regions tonight.

According to a three-day weather forecast released by the MFD, most parts of the country are expected to receive light to moderate rainfall tomorrow. “Heavy rainfall is expected at a few places of the western, central and eastern regions tomorrow afternoon and night,” it said.

“Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for Monday as well. One or two places of the western region is likely to experience ‘extremely heavy rainfall’. The weather will be generally cloudy throughout the country,” the weather bulletin read.

Meanwhile, Flood Forecasting Section under the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology warned that the water level in major rivers, including the Mahakali, Karnali, Babai, West Rapti, Narayani, Bagmati, Kamala, Koshi and Kanki was likely to rise close to the warning mark tomorrow morning.

“The water flow in the Kankai, Bagmati, Kamal, Easter Rapti, Tinau, West Rapti, Babai and Mohana is predicted to rise above the warning level tomorrow,” it said.

The FFS warned that the water level in some large and medium rivers are expected to cross the danger mark. “As light to moderate and heavy rain is forecast for three days, we would like to appeal to the people living near the riverside areas to maintain alert and stay indoors,” it said. The FFS also suggested the people living in the Chure not to go to the riverside during rainfall due to chances of flash floods.

“People living in low-lying areas and adjacent to small rivulets flowing through the Chure should take special precaution. Similarly, landslide-prone zones in the hills are likely to be affected by possible torrential rain and hence it is appropriate to cancel visit to such places unless necessary,” the FFS suggested.