Tourist bus park to be built in Balkumari

Lalitpur, June 3:

The Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) will build a tourist bus park in Balkumari, a southern part of the municipality. The new bus park is designed with toilets, tourist ticket counter and fast food centres to help tourists, Prem Raj Joshi, executive officer of LSMC, said today. Joshi said that the Ministry of Local Development has already allocated Rs 2 million to start the project in 8 ropani area.

“The new tourist bus park will solve the parking problem as it plans to accommodate 20 buses at a time,” he said. The tourist buses are being parked in Pulchowk next to the LSMC building, which has space to park upto seven buses at a time.

“The LSMC is getting complaints from the travel agencies to provide space to park the buses, as many as 20 buses need to be accommodated during the peak season — October, November, December, February and March.”

To start the project, a local users’ committee under the coordination of Dipak Shakya has been formed. The preliminary design for the bus park has been completed.

Completion of the bus park would also change the present route for tourists — Pulchowk, Gabahal, Durbar Square Area. And take on new route of Okubahal, Kumbeshwore — Durbar Square Area.

The changed route would help to expose other parts of the Patan.