Traffic Police chief urges KMC to fill potholes

Kathmandu, July 31

Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Sarvendra Khanal requested Kathmandu Metropolitan City to fill the potholes of Kathmandu for the safety of the general public and vehicles.

Organising a meeting at the Traffic Police Office today Khanal requested mayor of KMC Bidhya Sundar Shakya to fill the potholes of Kathmandu roads.

Khanal drew the mayor’s attention to the fact that traffic police could not stand at the crossroads due to mud, dust and potholes which were also creating problems for the general public as well as vehicles.

In response Mayor Shakya said KMC had no plan to fill the potholes until the monsoon season ended as the rain would wash away all efforts at maintenance. According to him, filling potholes during the rainy season was a waste of revenue as the roads couldn’t be fixed due to rainfall. Shakya tried to assure the participants at the discussion by saying KMC would fill the potholes after monsoon and before Dashain.

At the stakeholders’ discussion, Metropolitan Traffic Police Chief Khanal said if KMC couldn’t maintain traffic lights on the roads, the Traffic Police itself would instal them.

He added tippers were spreading havoc by driving rampantly on the roads and the traffic police would target them.