Traffic policewoman held for 'kidnapping' college girl

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka on Wednesday arrested a traffic policewoman for allegedly kidnapping and holding a teenage girl hostage for more than three months in her rented room.

According to an alleged victim’s kin, Sushma Gaire (name changed) had been taken hostage by Assistant Head Constable Rubina Hussain, hailing from Simara of Bara District. Rubina allegedly kept Sushma in her rented room in Kalopul since December 24, 2009 and molested her. Rubina worked for eight years as a traffic cop in the Valley. The accused had her posting in Metropolitan Traffic Police Sector, Thapathali of late.

Quoting Rubina (27), an investigating official told The Himalayan Times that they were sharing the rented room and making love voluntarily. She further told the police that allegations were completely baseless. “Sushma had enjoyed a complete freedom of movement,” Rubina argued with the police.

But the alleged victim’s kin refuted this and said Sushma (17), a twelve grader, was disappeared and taken hostage. “Sushma told that Rubina had threatened to shoot her dead if she escaped the room and informed her family,” she argued. The investing official said though Rubina admitted that she had sexual relationship with three other women, Rubina was not charged for her homosexual act as the existing law has already recognised their rights.

“She has been put on trial under “abduction” and “hostage taking” of the Civil Code as per a complaint lodged by Sushma’s kin”, the official clarified.

The accused’s relatives told that Rubina used to speak to them over telephone saying that she was enjoying the warm company of Sushma. “Sushma also used to come in contact with her, but she never complained that Rubina had been taking her hostage,” a relative of Rubina said. However, they admitted that Rubina looked very much masculine right from her childhood.

“She always made the girls her close companions and avoided men. Her mannerism, hairdo and dress up were also typical of men. It may be the reason why she lived together with Sushma, but she never kidnapped and took any one hostage,” he argued. The police assured her relatives that the case was not related to homosexual relationship.

Another official claimed that they had tied a nuptial knot and living together as married couple. “But, charge against Rubina was different,” he said. “Further investigation is in progress”.

MPR today produced Rubina before Kathmandu District Court and formally charged with kidnapping and hostage taking.

“What Rubina did was against Nepal Police Act-2049 BS. She will be dismissed from service and disqualified from holding any government post,” the police officer said.