Trained PSOs for VIP security on cards

Kathmandu, October 13

Nepal Police is preparing to form a separate battalion under its headquarters in Naxal for managing and deploying trained personal security officers for VIPs.

As per the existing laws, President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker, deputy prime ministers, ministers, leader of the main opposition party, state ministers, justices of Supreme Court, assistant ministers, chief of constitutional bodies, chief secretary and chief judge of Appellate Court are considered VIPs who are entitled to state security.

A source said establishment of the battalion is aimed at making VIP security more effective, dependable and systematic in the changed context.

The battalion will be a 593-strong force led by a Superintendent of Police. The government had recently approved posting of additional 5,016 cops.Though Nepal Police has been deploying PSOs for VIPs through security division under the Department of Operations, they are not well-trained.

The official said the battalion will introduce state-of-the-art training programmes for the PSOs to provide fool-proof security to VIPs.

Meanwhile, Nepal Police has been making necessary preparations to set up Police Disaster Management Task Force in all the five development regions to carry out search and rescue operation in the event of natural disasters.

The task force will have 125 police personnel deployed in each region. The task force is expected to provide specialised training to the cops.

Similarly, Nepal Police will be establishing 160 new police units in various parts of the country. Of them, the Kathmandu Valley will get ten new metropolitan police sectors and six metropolitan traffic police circles, while Dhanusha, Dhading and Mahottari will get 133 police beats and traffic police offices. Currently, there are 2,344 permanent and 507 temporary police offices as well as units across the country.