TU part-time teachers yet to receive remuneration

Kathmandu, July 15:

The part-time teachers at the Tribhuvan University (TU) are not receiving their salary since last year due to delay in the appointment of rector and registrar.

Though Vice Chancellor (VC) of the TU has been recently appointed, rector and registrar, who look after the administration and the financial matters respectively, are yet to be appointed.

“We did not receive the budget chart for the last fiscal year; due to this we couldn’t continue any infrastructure-related development works and we have not been able to pay their due salary to part-time teachers since last year,” Sunil Kumar Poudyal, Campus Chief at the Ratna Rajya Campus, said.

Nanda Kishore Singh, president of the TU Part Time Teachers’ Association, said that they have not received their salary since last year, adding: “The government is only paying

the permanent teachers of the TU.”