TU, student bodies agree on FSU election schedule

Kirtipur, February 12:

Tribhuvan University central campus today agreed on an 11-point agenda regarding the Free Students’ Union (FSU) election scheduled for February 28. According to a new schedule agreed upon today, the election process will begin on February 19.

The FSU needed to end the whole election process by February 28 as per the TU announcement. But now the concerned campuses maybe able to change their schedules as per their convenience.

According to the new schedule, the voter-list should be made public by 9 am on February 20, and the time to lodge complaints expires at 1 pm the same day, while the approved name-list will be made public by 5 pm on February 20.

The election committee will complete investigating the complaints by 4 pm on February 22. The withdrawal of candidacy will take place from 5 pm on February 22 and the last name list will be published by 7 pm on February 22. The election will take place from 8 am-5 pm.

Pranay Singh ‘Munna’, president of NSU, TU central committee unit, said the new schedule was called for as the old TU schedule one was unsuitable for the TU central campus.

The principal, warden and proctor of the Tribhuvan University and various student bodies, including the two NSUs, ANNFSU, FSU, Nepa Revolutionary Students’ Union, Janashakti Students’ Union, participated in the meet.