TU to reschedule cancelled exams

KIRTIPUR: Tribhuvan University has agreed to reschedule all the examinations cancelled earlier due to the student unions' protest citing leakage of questions or their inclusion from outside the syllabus.

Bhim Raj Adhikari, registrar and examination committee president of TU, told The Himalayan Times today that a meeting between the examination officials and the representatives of four student unions had agreed to reschedule the cancelled examinations of Masters' and Bachelors' levels.

"We have formed a committee to study the incidents and to look into the students' allegation of question paper leakage," Adhikari added. "We will soon announce a new schedule on the basis of the report."

Pradeep Paudel, president, Nepal Students' Union, said, "We have assured the officials of helping conduct the remaining exams in a peaceful manner if the university agrees to reschedule the exams as demanded."

The meeting was held in the office of the controller of the examinations in Balkhu.