Two face music for extorting businessman

Kathmandu, January 16

Two persons suspected of attempting to extort money from a businessman by threatening to abduct his wife and also to initiate legal action against him through the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority were arrested.

The arrestees are Kulman Shrestha, 35, of Gyamrung-1, Dhading; and auditor Mukesh Sharma, 40, of India, currently residing in Jaisideva. They were held by Metropolitan Police Circle, Janasewa, from Khusibu, Kathmandu-16 yesterday.

Accord to police, they had tried to extort Rs 100,000 from Rajesh Sharma, 50, of Birgunj-28, Parsa, currently working as a solar panel installer in the capital.

“Four persons, including Mukesh, masquerading as CIAA investigators approached Rajesh’s solar panel store and demanded that he give them Rs 100,000 or else they would initiate action through the corruption watchdog for allegedly forging bills. They also threatened to abduct the victim’s wife if Rajesh refused to hand over the amount,” said a police official.

Some days later, Kulman came between Rajesh and the extorters and ‘settled the issue’ on the condition that the solar panel installer provide the gang Rs 100,000. As Rajesh called them to Khushibu to receive the demanded amount, police arrested Kulman and Rajesh red-handed while dealing in cash.

Police have also detained Rajesh to proceed with further investigation into the case.