UCPN-M to recall ministers if they fail to control black marketing

KATHMANDU: UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has warned the ministers in the incumbent government representing his party that they would be recalled if they failed to control black marketing.

The black marketing of essential commodities is learnt to have been growing in various parts of the country, including the Capital, following the economic embargo imposed by India on Nepal for nearly two months.

Speaking at a programme organised by UCPN-Maoist Kirtipur Town Committee on the occasion of Nepal Sambat New Year here on Saturday, Dahal reiterated, “We cannot put up with corruption and black marketing. We will not spare anyone in this regard. The ministers failing to curb such untoward activities will be removed from their position.”

“No one can and should be a mute spectator to the misery of public,” Chairman Dahal said, expressing sorrow over the hardship faced by the public in face of widespread fuel shortage.

Given the scenario when the import of fuel and other essential goods to the country is slashed significantly post the trade embargo; Dahal urged the government to exercise proportional, reliable and just system for distribution of fuel.

Stating that Nepal and Nepali had to bear the brunt of border blockade because of the promulgation of new Constitution, he opined that the patience of public and national dignity should be kept intact.

Dahal, also the coordinator of High Level Political Coordination Committee, spoke of the need to change the current crisis into opportunity to be self-reliant, for which he also called for cooperation from one and all.