UML and Maoist Centre to form Nepal Communist Party tomorrow

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML's standing committee meeting on Wednesday has decided to endorse the consensus forged by Prime Minister and party Chair KP Sharma Oli and CPN Maoist Centre Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal on unification of the two parties.

Chairperson of both parties had held talks on Wednesday morning; PM and UML Chair Oli briefed about the discussion during his party's standing committee meeting.

Similarly, CPN-UML has called a central committee meeting and Maoist Centre will hold party secretariat meeting tomorrow to finalise the deal.

There has been an agreement to officially announce the party unification on Thursday, on the occasion of Madan Ashrit memorial day.

"Both CPN-UML and CPN Maoist Centre will dissolve," Maoist Centre leader Janardan Sharma said. "A new party will be registered at the Election Commission tomorrow."

After the party unification, central committee will have a total of 441 members including 241 from UML and 200 from Maoist Centre. Likewise, a 43-member standing committee will include 25 members from UML and 18 from Maoist Centre. The electoral symbol of the unified party will be Sun.