UML sees ill intents in Constitution amendment plan

KATHMANDU: The main opposition party CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli said the government was bringing the Constitution amendment plan with ill intents.

Responding to questions of his party's Central Committee members over his political document tabled at the ongoing CC meeting, Oli said, "There are various dimensions of plots (to meet vested interests)."

Meanwhile, Oli said his party had not been consulted about the amendment plan.

"Don't they need to hold a general consultation with the party like CPN-UML, which has a major position?" Oli wondered, as quoted in a statement issued by party Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai after the meeting.

The immediate past Prime Minister maintained that the party had understood dynamic nature of the Constitution, but any amendment must base itself on a necessity of the nation, according to Bhattarai.

"An amendment can be made if it is necessary to give rights to people," Oli told the meeting, "But, the Constitution cannot be amended just because two to four persons need it."

"The Constitution cannot be amended if it jeopardises the nation's sovereignty, integrity, independence, unity and ethnic-communal harmony."

Meanwhile, Oli said his government was toppled after it brought a plan to hold local, provincial and federal elections within next 18 months.

"The government was changed so as not to allow the elections to take place," Oli said, "But, even now, there is no alternative to holding polls."

The CC meeting today endorsed Oli's report after incorporating suggestions from the CC, Bhattarai informed.


10-point diktat for internal unity

Meanwhile, the CC meeting also endorsed a 10-point proposal "for internal party unity and effective mobilisation."

The diktat is apparently a response to a political paper of party's Deputy General Secretary Ghanashyam Bhusal, who had pointed out that factionalism had marred the party functioning and demanded an end to it.

The diktat prohibits party leaders from behaving party leaders and cadres on the basis of their involvement in internal factions and forming separate panels for internal elections, among others.

The meeting shall continue on Sunday afternoon as well, according to Bhattarai.