UML youth front protests black marketing

KATHMANDU: The Youth Association Nepal, affiliated to the ruling CPN-UML, today held a demonstration in front of the Nepal Oil Corporation office, Babarmahal against irregularities and black marketing of petroleum products.

Participants had carried different placards with slogans -- 'End the black marketing', 'End the dillydallying and corruption in bureaucracy', 'Release the details of petroleum products', among others -- in course of the demonstration organised from 12 noon for half-an-hour.

On the occasion, President of the Nepal Consumers Welfare Protection Forum, Jyoti Baniya, stressed the need of protesting consumers from black marketing of daily essentials practised across the country.

The Association's Chairman Rajeev Pahari vented his ire over indifference of the stakeholders toward the irregularities seen in the distribution of cooking gas and petroleum products. He said that the Association also drew the attention of the government to end black marketing.