UN official pledges support to Nepal reconstruction

KATHMANDU: Visiting United Nations (UN) Under Secretary General Jan Kenneth Eliasson has pledged the support of international community to Nepal for the reconstruction of quake-damaged infrastructures.

In an on-site visit to Bungamati of Lalitpur on Monday, Under Secretary General Eliasson said that although the reconstruction of the quake-ravaged infrastructures was challenging, collaboration and cooperation among government, international community, private sector and civic society would contribute to the post-disaster reconstruction.

Eliasson shared that he would also include information about reconstruction in Nepal while presenting a working paper at the international humanitarian conference going to be held in Turkey.

He suggested Sushil Gyawali, Chief Executive Officer at the Nepal Reconstruction Authority, to accelerate reconstruction operation by utilising domestic as well as foreign skills and acumen.

In response, CEO Gyawali informed Eliasson that the basic framework for reconstruction was ready and the Authority would further the reconstruction operation with the support from one and all.

He informed the visiting UN official that the land survey of eight VDCs in Bungamati was already carried out, in which a total of 2,574 households were taken into account for providing grant meant for the quake-survivors.