Kathmandu, December 9

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said he is not in favour of giving additional power to the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority as unbridled additional power brought several anomalies.

The PM said controlling corruption could not be the responsibility a single agency or few people, as its type, scope and characteristic had been changing day by day.

Speaking at the program organised by the anti-graft body today on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, he said tackling corruption was a huge challenge as it had been spreading its wings far and wide.

The CIAA commissioners and secretaries of the CIAA, who spoke prior to the PM, complained that the power earlier given to the anti-graft body was being curtailed.

The PM said the CIAA commissioners’ complaint had drawn the government’s attention.

“If additional power is given to the agency formed by the state and if it starts acting as it is above the state, there is a risk of several anomalies.” He said it was impractical for a single agency to check corruption at all levels of society.

The PM, however, said the government was committed to assisting the commission to control corruption and provide all the help it needed.

Stating that the government’s prime focus at present was to implement the new constitution, the prime minister said federalism had created the opportunity to make the people’s representatives more responsible towards their people.

“The real spirit of federalism may not be achieved if we fail to check corruption,” the PM said.

He also assured that the government was ready to revise the anti-corruption law to make it timely.

Acting Chief Commissioner of the CIAA, Deep Basnyat, said good governance would remain a mere dream if the government failed to root out corruption. For that, cooperation among the CIAA, the government, media, and civil society is essential, according to Basnyat.