Lalitpur, July 26:

An elderly couple committed suicide yesterday morning one after the other at Lalitpur, police said. Prof Nanda Kumar Adhikari, 52, former campus chief of Nepal Commerce Campus, Minbhawan, took poison after his wife Manju Adhikari, 48, died after consuming poison.

Police said that Manju took poison after a spat with her husband yesterday morning at their house at Imadol, Lalitpur. Adhikari took his wife to B&B hospital immediately after he saw his wife wailing in panic after having taken the poison.

“Doctors declared Manju dead on her arrival,” Sanubabu Thapaliya, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Lalitpur District Police Office, said, adding: “Adhikari left the hospital after his wife was declared dead. Soon after, we found him lying dead outside the hospital premises.”Police said Adhikari also had taken poison. “Perhaps, he did so out of regret for the quarrel that caused his wife to end her life,” the police official said.

Adhikari was running Premier College at Subidhanagar as its principal after his retirement from Tribhuvan University. Manju was a housewife. The couple is survived by two sons and a daughter. The sons live in America and Australia, while the daughter is studying in Britain.