URPP-R unveils poll manifesto

KATHMANDU: The United Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Rastrabadi (URPP-R) on Monday unveiled its manifesto for the forthcoming parliamentary elections promising economic growth of 8-10 per cent in 20 years, industrialisation, reducing unemployment and revolution in finance and agriculture sectors.

The URPP-R chair Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani unveiled the election manifesto in a programme organised at the Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg in Kathmandu yesterday.

On the occasion, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs Lohani said, the party has been moving ahead with four goals to protect traditional religion, culture and estate and to build identity of Nepal as a Hindu Nation, to re-establish constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy in Nepal, to combat corruption by tackling unemployment and to make the country prosperous.

The party promised to establish the Janakpurdham, Lumbini , Rupandehi and Kapilvastu as the International peace City.

In the programme, the party promised to lend the lands by the river banks to the squatters on lease for 50 years for their social and economic growth.

Similarly, for the social development, the party promised to allow changing the titles (last name).

The Party pledged quality and free education up to the higher secondary level and to establish an information technology university in the nation.

In the health sector, the party promised to establish rural health insurance in each municipality. Likewise, 24-hour maternity services were promised.

The party committed to making increment on social security allowance for senior citizen.

The party has also put forth infrastructure development concept in mountain, hill and Tarai regions for transport, especially postal roads, tourism, industrial development, and rail and hydroelectricity projects. The party has promised to link the northern and southern neighbours with railway taking benefit by exporting domestic products.

In finance sector, the party promised to transform the bank loan system. The URPP-R promised to lend government land to people on lease for 50 years for tree plantation under the environment and urban development policy.