us assistance

US embassy announces assistanceHimalayan News ServiceKathmandu, April 12The United States Embassy on Friday announced a humanitarian assistance donation of $ 100,000 to reduce the suffering of victims of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal.The donation will be available to non-governmental organisations to fund programmes that assess and support basic needs of displaced or severely affected civilian populations in conflict areas.“We hope that this grant will help the victims of the violence afflicting Nepal, and provide aid and comfort to the neediest among them,” said Michael E Malinowski, US ambassador to Nepal.US humanitarian assistance to Nepal amounts to about $ 1.5 million, US Embassy said.US is also supporting the Programme for Enhanced Emergency Response, which plans a canine search and rescue course for the Royal Nepal Army and Nepal Police in the near future.Meanwhile, US Embassy also announced a $ 111,860 grant to the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) to fund its earthquake action plan implementation project.NSET, a Nepali NGO, is a regional leader in raising awareness of earthquake disaster mitigation strategies. It has also prepared the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Programme that set an earthquake risk assessment scenario and identified risk mitigation recommendations.