Valley colleges to observe poll holiday

Kathmandu, March 31:

Owing to the April 10 constituent assembly polls, most of the colleges in the Valley would be closed by April 2, whereas a few of them have already put off their classes.

Some colleges have re-scheduled their annual academic calendars and are set to complete their courses by April 1, while some are suspending classes till the CA polls.

As the higher secondary-level colleges are busy completing the course by April 1, Bachelor level colleges are suspending their classes for around two weeks till the polls. The government colleges were also closed from yesterday.

Tankaraj Acharya, managing director of Columbus Higher Secondary School and College, said his college could not move as per calendar and had to complete the course of the plus two level a few weeks before the calendar. “It was necessary as the poll fever has gripped the nation and there is no situation of lengthening the classes.”

Hari Lamichhane, principle of Capital College and Research Centre, said they are busy taking pre-board exams of the plus two level students. With the April 10 election , he said, they had to halt the regular classes by March 27 and begin pre-board exam. “We were forced to finish off the course before time.”

Classes of the bachelor levels would be suspended till mid-April, he said.