Valley gets respite from power cuts

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority made an unannounced cut in the 12-hour-a-day load-shedding since Tuesday afternoon.

According to the K2 Sub-station under Kathmandu Mid-distribution Centre, the Valley denizens got some respite from power cuts in the last few days.

NEA stepped in to ease the power woes after water level in the rivers feeding its powerhouses increased thanks to the rainfall across the country.

“The rainfall and melting snow in the high Himalayas has resulted in an increase in water level in the major rivers,” said Dandapani Bashyal, acting director, Department of General Service at NEA. He said the NEA had reviewed the present load-shedding timetable internally. “If the country continues to receive rainfall, people bearing the brunt of the marathon load-shedding will get some relief in the days to come,” he said. Load-shedding was eased after power generation in major hydroelectricity projects like Bhotekoshi, Kulekhani, Kali Gandaki, Marsyangdi, Mid-Marsyangdi, Trishuli and Sunkoshi increased.

“It is an unannounced cut in load-shedding hours. If there is more rain, we can ensure better power supply,” said Bashyal. Shersingh Bhat, chief, Load Despatch Centre, NEA, said it would be too early to predict reasonable reduction in the load-shedding hours in the near future.

Meanwhile, an official at NEA said the maintenance and repair of one of the three feeders at Kali Gandaki Hydroelectricity Project would be completed by Thursday. “It will also help us shorten the load-shedding by at least a couple of hours,” he said. Nepal needs 800 MW of electricity. NEA has been able to meet only half the demand.