Valley private schools open on holiday


Most of the institutional schools in the Valley were open on Monday despite government announcement that they should shut down academic institutions for two days for public hearing on the first draft of the constitution.

According to the Private and Boarding Schools Organisation Nepal (PABSON) and National Private and Boarding Schools Association Nepal (NPABSON), the schools were opened during the public holidays to compensate the loss of studies in the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake.

As per the Education Regulation, the total number of school days per year is 220. Due to the devastating quake of April 25, schools were closed for a month.

Karna Bahadur Shahi, president, NPABSAN said, “It was not necessary to announce public holiday for students at a time when we have already had  a month-long break due to the quake.”

He said, “Opening schools on holidays was a part of our commitment to teach students on public holidays to ensure there were 220 school days a year.”

He also stated that as education is a fundamental right of children they could in no way ensure children’s right to get proper education by shutting down schools in the name of the feedback and suggestions collection campaign on the draft of the constitution.