Various bills, reports tabled at Parliament

KATHMANDU: Separate bills have been tabled at the meeting of the Legislative Parliament on Friday. 

Minister for Energy Janardan Sharma tabled the Bill on Electricity Regulatory Commission, 2017 at the meeting of the legislative body.

With the aim of punishing criminals involved in hooking off  power supply, Sharma said the bill was prepared after wide consultations and conversations with stakeholders, adding that  hydroelectricity is the foundation for the economic flight of the country. 

Meanwhile, on behalf of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ajaya Shankar Nayak presented annual reports of the National Human Rights Commission of 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16.

Likewise, the chairperson of Legislation Committee, Ganga Chaudhary Satgauwa, presented the report of the Committee about Criminal Offence (Punishment, Determination and Execution) Bill, 2017.

Dil Bahadur Gharti, the chairperson of State Affairs Committee, also submitted the report of the Committee on Social Behavior Reformation Act, 2017 and its own annual report.

The next meeting of the Legislative Parliament has been scheduled for 1pm on Monday.