Visually-impaired call for user-friendly traffic signals

KATHMANDU: Demanding that the government paid due heed for developing visually impaired-friendly traffic signals, Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB) is observing the World White Cane Safety Day on 15th October.

Amrit Rai, director, NAB, said that they were celebrating the day to attract attention toward the plight of the blind people since they are totally ignored. “The government is not serious towards the plights being faced by the visually-impaired although they are frequently lobbying for the same in the ministries concerned,” he added.

“The government should make the traffic rules friendlier to the blind people as well in order to ensure such persons’ easy mobility at the thoroughfares,” he said, demanding that authorities installed proper sound system at the traffic lights. “The unmanaged shops at the pavements are another nuisance for the blind people lately.”Rai also added that they planned to distribute pamphlets and leaflets to urge the public to be sensitive towards them. Simultaneous programmes in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kavre are also scheduled on the day. Around 300 people, including the visually-impaired, will be mobilised to help man the valley traffic.