Weather clearing in Kathmandu and other places

KATHMANDU: The Meteorological Forecasting Divison said sporadic rainfall accompanied with gusty wind and hailstorm has cleared the weather condition in Kathmandu and other places across the nation, aided by less movement of vehicles and other activities owing to the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

Many people are sharing pictures of the clear skies and the mountain ranges seen from around their residences.


Meanwhile, the division has also predicted storm coupled with rainfall with the weather remaining mostly cloudy in most of the places across the country till Tuesday.  "This phenomenon is caused by the influence of the westerly wind and local wind as due to the moisture-laden wind coming from the Bay of Bangel,"

The western part of the country has been hit by lightning and thunderstorm along with rainfall this afternoon.

Text: Mausam Shah Nepali