Weather disturbances predicted for few days

Kathmandu, April 3

Meteorological Forecasting Division today said disturbance of weather in Kathmandu Valley may persist for a few more days due to the active pre-monsoon.

According to meteorologist Shanti Kandel, the local system is been activated in the central region and there is the chance that this system will mix with westerly system.

“The westerly system is moving towards Nepal from Jammu and Kashmir currently and that is expected to hit Kathmandu Valley’s weather within two days.” She told The Himalayan Times, “So, weather disturbance may be prolonged by a few more days in the Valley.”

In this season, due to increasing warmth, air becomes hot and light and moves towards the upper level of the atmosphere. At the same time, the vacant area is covered by air from nearby areas at high speed, which generally causes wind and storm as local effects.

MFD said local system-affected weather has affected the hill, mountain, and Tarai areas of the mid region for about a week.