What is fixed

Kathmandu, January 1:

Recently constructed road linking Ghattekulo chowk to Anamnagar (Sangam Sagarmatha Marga) has turned out to be a big relief for vehicle owners, locals and pedestrians, who had been coping with blocked drainage and pot holes on the road for years.

The road and the drainage, constructed some eight years back, were in a dilapidated condition. The drainage was blocked at several places and household drain used to flow through the road. Moreover, during the rainy season the road used to be slushy.

Locals at the initiative of Raju Aryal formed Sangam Sagarmatha Marga Users’ Committee and initiated construction work. They reconstructed the blocked drainage on Sangam Marga and Sagarmatha Marga, and rechristened the stretch Sangam Sagarmatha Marga. Up to 350 metres of Sangam Marga has been blacktopped and interlock blocks have been placed on about 200 metres of Sagarmatha Marga. The blocked drainage all along the road has been reopened and reconstructed.

“It is convenient to walk on the road now,” said Prasuna Shahi, a road user. She said the whole locality looked dirty previously, as the road was not repaired, adding that the new road with proper sewer has given a better look to the whole area and comfort to all the road users. The construction of the road cost Rs 1.6 million, 80 per cent of which was provided by the KMC, while the rest was of the expenditure was incurred by the locals.