Wheelchair-bound set for rafting

Kathmandu, May 15:

To spread the message that differently abled people are as capable of outdoor activities as the able ones, two persons suffering from spinal chord injury whose lower parts of the bodies are paralysed are going for a rafting tomorrow.

Shiva Neupane and Sonika Dhakal, who sustained spinal chord injury after falling from height four years back, are determined to live as active and independent citizens. They are going for rafting organised by the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre with the help of Kesang Sherpa and Sherpa Trekking Services.

Uday Adhikari, service coordinator at SIRC, said surviving is not just enough for the patients with injuries, it is necessary that they return home and live a quality life.

He said this is the first time in Nepal that wheelchair-ridden people are going for a rafting and the event would a matter of encouragement to all those living with various kinds of disabilities to live a dignified and active life.

Sonika and Shiva are excited about the event. They said it would be the best day of their livWheelchair-es. They added they would have never thought of opting for the sport, if they had not sustained the injury.