Wildlife body parts to be disposed of

KATHMANDU: Wildlife body parts that were seized by authorities, from across the nation, are lying useless for a long time now. The wildlife body parts are precious pieces but the nation has to dispose it.

Gopal Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Director General, Department of Forest said, “We have finalised the list of the body parts that have been seized and after receiving permission from the government we will dispose it.” Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Flora and Fauna (CITES) prohibits the commercial use of wildlife body parts that are collected during raids, and anti-poaching operations.

“We have to set alight all these stored body parts but the government can gift them to foreign countries, however,” said Shrestha. Shrestha claimed that the forest department was mulling over the idea. “We are planning to propose the same and the cabinet should decide on that,” added Shrestha.

Dr Santosh Kumar Thakur, Managing Director of the state owned Ayurvedic pharmaceutical entity-Singha Durbar Vaidyakhana Vikas Samiti- said, “It would be better if the wildlife body parts are given to us for the manufacture of the medicines.”

But the forest department maintained that it was illegal to use the body parts for any purpose.

Wildlife body parts Quantity

Rhino horn 109 pieces

Rhino skull 12 pieces

Hides of various animals 1382 pieces

Bones of Tiger and Leopard 339 kg