Nepal | January 17, 2020

‘Will address people’s aspiration for prosperity’

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) held a special programme in the capital today to mark the 70th founding day of the communist party in the country.

Speaking at the function, Party Chairs KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal declared that they would work ahead to establish the rights of Nepali people and their aspiration for prosperity. They said that the communist party — formed for social justice, people’s democracy and people rights, safeguarding of nationality and sovereignty — had reached the stage of institutionalising people’s rights.

On the occasion, Prime Minister and Party Chair Oli said that the two big communist parties did not unite out of mere coincidence but to realise the dreams and aspirations of Nepali people. “We have been successful in institutionalising social justice, cultural, economic and political rights that the Nepali people had been hoping for long,” he said.

Stating that the efforts to unite and consolidate the communist movement had become successful and fruitful, the party chair said the unification process had basically come to an end from Sunday, with some leftover works to be completed soon. He also said that the party had adopted people’s democracy, which is not just limited to political rights but is a complete democracy. “It’s about making the people fully empowered.”

On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli also said that there was no space for any kind of impunity and anarchism in the country. “I am ready to take any step in favour of nationality and consolidating the enabling forces of national unity,” he said.

Stating the main opposition, Nepali Congress, had taken up a wrong policy of joining hands with reactionary forces, NCP (NCP) Chair Oli said if the Congress is a democratic force, it must unite with democratic forces. “It is surprising to see some NC leaders dreaming of restoring the monarchy,” he said while adding that those who believe in democracy can never say that supremacy on the basis of birth is right.

Likewise, chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that the hard task of finalising district leadership of NCP (NCP), which was becoming complex by the day, has been completed. He added that the leadership of all 77 districts had been finalised following intense exercise over it.

He also argued that different conspiracies had been hatched to stop the unification process but they were successful in neutralising all illusions and conspiracies.

Chairman Dahal, also a former Prime Minister, committed to materialising commitments expressed in the election manifesto. “The NCP (NCP) will become more active and united in the days ahead based on the strength in the communist movement with the successful unification bid,” he said.

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