WNSO condemns Prasain’s statement

Kathmandu, July 23

Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organization, Bangladesh, has strongly condemned the senseless and unethical statement made by the executive Director of B and C Hospital Durga Prasad Prasain.

Issuing a press release today, WNSO-Bangladesh said a video of Durga Prasad Prasain, that has been circulating throughout social media had caught their attention. We strongly condemn his statement, which is directed against the character of Nepali female medical students in Bangladesh.

The statement reads, “We are grateful that the public is worried about the safety of women, but we assure you that there has not been any such incident. The duration of MBBS course in Bangladesh is 6 years, which may vary only based on the potential, attendance and academic performance of students, and not based on their gender or any other personal agenda of staffers as falsely stated by Mr Prasain.

His statement has not only hurt the sentiments of students and their parents, but also directed a question towards their character, which is intolerable. If in fact, there has been any such incident which he is aware of and is hidden from us. We request him to bring it to light so that necessary action can be taken. However, if he has no proof, then the statement has obviously been made solely for his own personal, professional or political benefit.

WNSO-Bangladesh would like to state that all allegations made about medical education in Bangladesh are false and not based on facts. We demand that he should accept this and apologise for the damage that has been done by him. Serious legal action should be taken against him.