Woman, daughter held in Gongabu murder case

Kathmandu, August 11

Nepal Police today made public the woman, who was arrested on the charge of murdering a man in Gongabu.

The headless body of Krishna Bahadur Bohora, 45, of Rolpa was found inside a suitcase, around 100meters away from her rented room at Ganesthan, Gongabu on Sunday.

Police had also recovered the legs and head of the torso.

Metropolitan Police Range, Teku, in a press meet today paraded Kalpana Mudwari (Poudyal), 37, of Chitwan, who has admitted to murdering Bohora in cold blood.

Police said Kalpana, who had also worked in TV serials, had killed the man after he created her fake Facebook account and posted her nude pictures and sex videos on it.

The man had recorded videos of their sexual acts and posted them on the fake Facebook account, according to Superintendent of Police Somendra Singh Rathaur of MPR.

Bohora, who is survived by two wives, had been living alone at a hotel in Gongabu for the past eight months. He frequently visited Kalpana, a mother of two, at her rented room. Kalpana’s husband has been employed abroad. Police said Kalpana was going through a hard time as her husband had stopped sending her money for the past two years.

On Saturday night at around 9:00 pm, the woman had served snacks including curd and beaten rice to Bohora, who had left his hotel saying he would return only after a few days. She had mixed five sleeping tablets in the curd. As he went numb due to the drugs, she hit on his private part with a hammer. Later, she strangled him to death using her scarf. Police said she then took the body inside the bathroom and severed its head and legs by using Khurpa, a sickle-like weapon.

She had asked her 15-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son to stay inside another room all the while. First, Kalpana dumped the head and legs, stuffed in a bag, a few hundred metres away from her rented room. After finding it impossible to dump the torso on her own, she sought her daughter’s help. Police said the girl helped her mother to stuff the torso inside a suitcase and they dumped it some 100 metres away from their residence.

The next day, the woman and her children watched from the windows of their rooms as police officials were examining the incident sites from where the torso and body parts were recovered.

The same night she left the room with her children to her maternal home in Tandi, Chitwan in an ambulance. She paid Rs 6,000 to the driver of the ambulance. Police, who were struggling to identify the deceased, had posted Bohora’s picture on social media, asking the public to help them to identify the man. Soon, a man had contacted police saying it was the picture of his uncle.

With some clues, police reached Kalpana’s rented rooms. Police, upon breaking the rooms open, found some evidence in connection with the crime. Within a few hours she was arrested from Chitwan and transported to Kathmandu.

Police have also arrested Kalpana’s 15-year-old daughter, a Grade X student, on the charge of assisting her mother to dispose of the deceased’s body.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on August 12, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.